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Vol 9 No 2 (2024): 9-2-2024
Published: 2024-07-11


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Journal of Smart Economic Growth (JSEG) (ISSN: 2537-141X) is an open access and peer reviewed online international journal that aims providing a platform for the international academics and researchers to share opinions, thoughts, specific methodologies and empirical results in the field of smart economic growth. This journal is intended to promote interdisciplinary studies and analyses in all areas of economics and business that particularly theoretically or empirically examine the concept of smart economic growth. 

The journal publishes original papers of theoretical, empirical or methodological inquiry in all fields of economics and business economics, such as economics, sociology, marketing, tourism, management, law, transportation, environmental issues, spatial and urban planning and so on. Special issues devoted to scientific events or particular topics of a great interest for the academic and research community will occasionally be published. 

  • Worldwide open access and peer reviewed online journal
  • Is the only international journal centered around the concept of smart economic growth
  • Covers all aspects on the conceptualization, analysis and measurement of smart economic growth
  • Incorporates interdisciplinary developments from all fields of economics and business
  • Helps understanding the new peculiarities, trends and paradigms emerging into the process of contemporary economic growth 



The concept of smart economic growth has been recently advanced as a solution for the negative externalities generated by the traditional models of economic growth. Although at present it doesn’t have a clear and widely accepted definition, the smart economic growth represents a new, interdisciplinary and comprehensive concept that relates economic growth to the quality of life, job creation, environmental protection and the balanced development of urban and rural communities, with crucial implications for the long term economic development.

The meaning of smart economic growth is twofold: At the level of local communities, following multiple economic and quality of life aims requests innovative development strategies in a wide range of fields including infrastructure, land and environmental areas, transportation and housing. From a national and international perspective, the main drivers of smart growth are considered to be education, research and innovation, and the development of digital economy (e.g. in the sense of the Europe 2020 Strategy). Focusing on this particular type of economic growth allows local communities, countries and regions to use economic growth as a door to economic development.

The journal aims to explore the multi facets of smart economic growth and its relation to economic development. Original quality research papers, and particularly papers following a quantitative and empirical approach, are welcomed to be submitted. The journal promotes an inter- and multi-disciplinary approach, integrating empirical and theoretical insights from economics, sociology, management, law, transportation, environmental issues, spatial and urban planning etc.

At this moment, a number of three issues per year are considered to be published. The members in the Editorial Board are from three countries (Europe, Latin America and Asia) for a wider dissemination. We intend to encourage submission of original and high quality papers as to speed up indexing the journal especially in Scopus and ISI Thomson Reuters. All standard policies in terms of peer review and publishing ethics will be adopted.


The concept of smart economic development seems to better fit the scope of our proposed journal, but the smart economic growth currently has a better conceptual foundation, being often referred to as a desirable aim in the economic strategies and policies formulated by a wide range of national and international organizations and institutions (e.g. Europe 2020 Strategy).

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